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“I would like to thank my teachers Martin Bernhard & Mamoudou "Delmundo" Keďta for their many lessons. Also thanks and respect to Arafan Touré, Ponda O' Bryan, Famoudou Konaté, Ibro Konaté, Abdoulay "Oke" Sene, Baba Touré, Momo Touré, Cécé Koly, Mamady Keďta, Hilde Gams Youssef, Kashoum & Aly Keita, Gert Kilian and many others for real interesting workshops. They all shared with me their knowledge about traditional West-African Percussion. In these pages I share it again with you.."
Paul Nas
since 1998
Since a couple of years I am giving lessons for the pentatonic balafon from Burkina Faso / Mali.  Also I do re-tuning and maintanance of balafons. If your interested please visit my balafonpages
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